About Us

Our company consists of individual designers, and engineers, who share a passion for mechanical watches in general and love cars. 

We firmly believe that we’ve been born into this world, not to master others but to master ourselves.

Together we strive to create iconic timepieces that do to you what this land has always done for us – calm you down, gives you space to think, have room to breathe and most importantly, inspire you to be you.

BEU watches are created for the curious, the visionary, and the brave: enduring timepieces with the power to liberate you from technology, and reconnect you to people, nature, and culture. 

Meticulously-designed waterproof, and durable, a BEU watch is a constant reminder to stay true to yourself and the things you love.

We believe that’s all there’s time for.

We always try our best to provide customers great online shopping experience by ensuring not only a smooth buying process but also good after-sales service. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and give us comments, feedback, suggestions, or even criticisms.

Life is too short to live in chaos, take it easy and make it fun by using creative stuff.

Thanks for stopping by feel free to contact us if you have any questions.